School Wear

We supply lots of schools within the Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire areas



School wear customers can order and pay over the phone on 01786 447707 or you can call into our store for sizing help and payment.  You can also email us on or contact us on Facebook


15 thoughts on “School Wear

  1. Hi. Do you have Cowie primary uniforms and do you have a clip on tie? Thanks

    1. Hi Ann. We do Cowie Primary uniform but our ties are elasticated, not clip-on.

  2. Hi can you tell me if you do Bannockburn nursery ?

    1. Hi, yes we can do that. Best to call on 01786 447707 or pop in for sizing. Thanks.

  3. Hi do you do Inchlair Nursery jumpers and tshirts. If so how much please

    1. Hi, yes we have an order from them to go to the school before term starts. Our sweatshirts are £8.25 and polos £7.70. T-shirts are £5.00.

  4. Please can I order a bannockburn high school blazer ? It’s for a boy going into first year

    1. Hi Gill. You’re probably best to call us on 01786 447707 or pop in for sizing. Thanks.

  5. Looking for carron primary nursery t shirts. Do you have anything in stock?

    1. Hi Neil, thanks for your message. We don’t carry stock I’m afraid, what did you need?

  6. Hi there do you have any Carron primary school jumpers size 26? X

    1. Hi, sorry we didn’t reply yesterday, we were too busy in here with school starting back. We only have 2 24″ sweatshirts in stock. Check with the school as we delivered a stock order to them on Friday.

  7. Hi do you do raploch primary school jumpers.

    1. Hi Margaret, yes we are the main Raploch PS supplier. Please call us on 01786 447707, email or message us on

  8. Hi do you do Black Bridge of Allan jumpers, with Logo, for primary 7 Thanks.

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